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Ninth District QSL Bureau

Northern Illinois
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The Ninth District Incoming QSL Bureau is sponsored by the Northern Illinois DX Association and staffed by dedicated radio amateurs who volunteer their time to distribute DX QSL cards to you.

General information which applies to all the ARRL-supported U.S. Incoming QSL Bureaus is available from the ARRL Web pages. Although the Incoming Bureau system operates under the guidance of ARRL, you are not required to be an ARRL member to use it.

A few things specific to the Ninth District QSL Bureau are:

  1. The ARRL 9th District QSL Bureau is run by Northern Illinois DX Association members and volunteers.  Each of us is interested in DX'ing and service to amateur radio.  We handle over 45,000 DX QSL cards per month for 9th district amateurs and your cooperation in making our job easier by attention to the information in this web site is appreciated.  

  2. The Ninth District QSL Bureau does sell envelope and postage credits, as indicated on the ARRL page. In fact, most of the individual Ninth District sorters prefer that you send credits rather than SASEs since they are easier to keep track of, postage rate changes are much less of a hassle, and we can use exactly the postage which is needed for your shipment. If you send credits, a check payable to NIDXA is fine; send cash at your own risk. The funds are credited to your account which is then charged the current envelope cost and face value for postage used.  For more information click here.

  3. Your account is maintained by, and cards shipped from, an individual letter sorter as determined by the first letter following the "9" in your callsign. The individual sorters are literally spread throughout the 9th call district. When you send credits or an inquiry, it may be several weeks before your individual letter sorter receives the credits or inquiry. We pick up mail from the Post Office box every 2-3 days, presort the cards, make out the envelopes for the credits and distribute them to the sorters at the monthly NIDXA meeting. Depending upon when your mail arrives at the Post Office, it is possible that it will be 6-7 weeks before your sorter receives it. If he or she sends you a shipment of cards in the meantime, your account status would not show your latest submission; it should appear on the next shipment however. For more information click here.

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Post Office address given above or by Email to .

73 and Good DX,

The Staff of the Ninth District Incoming QSL Bureau

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